Who Are You?


Who do you claim to be, the alter ego Hannah Montana (celebrity), or the mild mannered “real” person most people know you as Miley Cyrus? So many of us have lost sight of who we are to fit into a world’s we do not belong to. The network’s of temporary fulfillment of self-love, where you can follow or be a follower. We want Love, straight, no chaser!

We all know those who were not popular back in the days and now have a newfound sense of self with the advent of  TV churches, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and the high school mentality of belonging to something! So do we get to see the Hannah celebrity in them, or do we get the wack Miley that we have come to know?
Many people in the industry of life are two faced! There I said it! You can’t be one person in one place and than another when you are around other people!  You don’t know who you are?  Do you want or need to conform to what your favorite idol tells you to be, or do you need to be Sean Combs, Diddy, Puff Daddy, oh never mind Im running out to names.
Do people know what their purpose in life is, or do we know who we belong to? Too many of us get lessons in life and pointers from those who can’t even point the GPS to get their life right! How can you follow someone like a 50 Cent, Diddy, Jay-Z, pastor, teacher, etc when they are constantly changing themselves to conform to what you want? You cannot follow someone who doesn’t have it right themselves, that’s the blind leading the blind!
That is amazing that the ones you follow have a complex about who they are as well! Celebrities have to adjust all the time to keep up with their fan base, YOU! Pastors, teachers, and personalities have an obligation to lead people where they need to go, BUT if you don’t do your own homework you will be lead according to an opinion! If we knew who we were to begin with we would be able to get out of the industry of being told what to do, who to follow, who to like, etc!
It’s a shame that a small percentage of the world (those who have) controls the majority of the public opinion (those who have not)! The ones who don’t have should be the main ones who can control what they think, pray, submit, grow to revolutionize!
 As in anything though, we fail to see the inner layers, and we fall victim to the Hannah Montana superficial wig that most celebrities, teachers, pastors and public figures at large put on each day to lie to us all! We lie to ourselves when we talk sideways to not agree, but we agree when we follow their greed to have us as followers!
We put on our Hannah wig everyday, whether we are at work, in church, with family, etc. It’s a community wide epidemic! No one wants to be themselves anymore; we all have to be something else to show that we can get along in different sets!  Believe me it’s not just what we see, but what we don’t see.
When we see someone in church we think “Oh he/she got it together” because… they are in the building! That is a bunch of crap, and the furthest thing from the truth! Many have delusions of grandeur of what the reality is. You’re stuck in your Disney channel mentality, when the CNN, MSNBC reality is too real for you! That’s right even those who don’t have God in their life know how to spot a fake, a phony, a stan!
Everyone wants to have the notoriety of Hannah, yet wants to be remembered as Miley! As a community we have given into the cheap optimism of the market-driven society where mediocrity is sold as Heaven on Earth. If you think you are already in Heaven then why are you struggling, thought you had the answers? I don’t have all the solutions, but I have the contacts to see the problem. We are stuck in a superficial Hannah Montana world, when all we want to be is a regular version of Miley Cyrus.

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