Designer Lables

We don’t give credit to anyone or something that will brag like Erin. Wish on Lucky Charms to stunt through life’s cereal schillings. All we have are double standards to look upon. Never passed a standardized test like SAT’s, we can’t drink our way to higher levels even though I Mac the culture at the Genius Bar!

 Common sense the flow, because we don’t know how to make those common scents     Febreeze their way to earn dollars and cents. We are left with $3 dollar bills and that just don’t make sense! We refuse to stay to the right and chose to exit stage left.
All are afraid and ashamed to be labeled a fool, a lame, even Sears got tools! All for the wheels and the fortune, with no commercial breaks, we can stumble and fall. Do we ever see are serene allusion at the pace of real life?
 Living so foul we forget to take the two free throws to get ahead. Instead we run out the clock, but it’s as if God’s not winning! When you look at the community all we living is sinning, and grinning.
 The equation falls to be unbalanced on the beam. Stumbling out on the floor exercise in our stupor we are drunk with power.
We lost the balance.
The scale isn’t off; you’re overweight because the scales now broke!  All the excuses you brought left you lethargic like the biggest loser. Got you caught up in the ring by the right hook of the devil to have you down for the count like Sesame Street. One, two, three, ah, ah.
 Not being able to make the bell, you fell to the depths of hell, not another fake idea of yourself to sell. No more God to help you back with Diego and a rescue pack!  When you cause your own 808’s and heartbreaks, stop putting your foot on the peddle! Surrender your driver’s license and let God drive your spirit!
 Take a backseat on the slope of rebellion, and get off the death star. Fade to black, read your credits to see who stars in your short film!


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