The World Is Not Enough!

It’s shortest distance to God when you make that walk. To hear the speech, to hear the talk.

You ridicule how I converse and chastise if I use Genesis or maybe a revelation in my verse.  The words flow into a genuine prose.

That’s what you read into, and that’s all you will seem to know. You test my will to jada way to ponder is Todd real?

I aim to send my instant message from God to you! Anytime you drop by my address do you study my facade or the interior layout that is before you?

Have you screened my web on purpose and lost my vista and my views?

God only knows my hustle. He knows why my lyrical exercises advanced the use of this God given muscle!

You never see my workouts, but you see in me the actions of words on your LCD screen!

I read the blogs, and looked into hip hop, but I saw the bible as my one hope to not just find quotes but learn to spit hope to quench the cotton mouth in my throat!

I learned not for knowledge but to have cliff notes to spread my wings so I can give life to the breath of fresh air.

Then I digress!

I don’t know what to do; I’m caught up in eve’s bayou of your witches brew! If I listen to you God won’t be transparent and I will be tagged see-through!

I’m drunk as a skunk from all this double talk. I might just sleepwalk into a thought. Crying upstream, by a riverside, but I see the Pharcyde keep passing me by!

These words were real, lets make a deal. no reenactment intended God’s words through me is not a plot from Unsolved Mysteries!

My next act will be a game show. I have the words, you pick the prose! Only difference this time is I know where I am going, but your flow is stuck in traffic on the highway the Internet exposed…


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