God’s Fatal Flaw

In a world of peril and fear, we come to know from comic books, stories on Lifetime, and even the movies we see on the big screen there is always a happy ending.  A hero.  There is never a bad ending to a story, but, is there always a light at the end of the preverbal tunnel?

 Phrases like “God can solve all my problems!” All we have to do is scream out for him, send up a Bat signal, leave a personalized message at the beep and he will answer, but it better be at our nearest convenience!
Does God have a phone booth of change to place calls to the pessimistic mind-set that has our communities minds set on disappointment?
But what happens to our heroes when they are exhausted in their efforts, anemic in their strength, or faint in their faith?
Does God have kryptonite? In these times have we depleted God’s power so much that we have drained his faith? Snatched his vigor? From the looks of today’s atmosphere have we polluted the air we breathe to receive the riches of our greed, and not our need?
Has God lost his authority to govern in a world doomed with the devilish acts at the helm? Do any of these things paint the picture of society today?
Seems like an accurate picture to me, but I’m still not sure. Is God so weak we can’t even hear the faint pulse that beats the life into his voice? This is not the God I know that is all healing, merciful, and all powerful! So I have to discern that the devil is a liar!
The fact is that God does have a weakness!
God is weak with compassion and empathy for what happens to his children. He is so weak that he sent Jesus to earth to speak a word! Even in all our faithlessness, God has always been faithful in bringing us a hero in his own image to provide a daily savior!
In our frailty, God becomes stronger!
Times are hard, and every time we turn around the reality shows us that culture has become tarnished.  Today anything goes with homosexuality on television, promiscuity in society, and violence on our playgrounds.
God is flashing his blinkers to direct his people on the path of right, while he is constantly being left out in a world of shadows, and obscurity.
In his weakness he is challenging our sight, liberating our thoughts into a beacon of light. He is transforming the renovating spirit that Hurricane Katrina (the Devil) brings to destroy our faith daily.  Sin has to stand up against a tough peripheral vision before it can incite a riot in your hearts sight.
Is God weak! Yes he is weak!  So weak that he is laying down the compassion have the strength and power to fight off evil. When we read his word and live according to his message we reveal his weakness by showing other goodwill and generosity.

Share in God’s weakness!

2 thoughts on “God’s Fatal Flaw

  1. Rance Rob says:

    As a writer I appreciate the catching title of this piece. Also I must agree that we must take action on ourselves. IF, and I say IF God did have a weakness you're right. For us to keep dissin the Almighty and for him to be so compassionate it is something to marvel. His own creation, some of us hate him, some talk about Him without understanding him, some hurt other humans in HIS name or the name they've given him. Love the piece. I thank Jesus for your willingness to share.

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