In my deep sleep I am deep in thought awaking to a shallowness of crushing questions that bounded my sleep.  Was there something that didn’t go my way? I don’t want to be like everyone else in these days!

God is different for me, but he is eternally the same every day.  But do I have something provocative to say, and if so do I plan to make the changes to grow? Ultimately I always wonder will I use more common sense now, or when God shows?
How will I know?
Funny I should ask that because we often say that “common sense is not that common today!”
 I had a unique and spell bounding idea that perused the progression of the innervations of my nerves.  I felt God strike a chord that sounded so wrong to my ears, but demanded a moment of silence to be heard!
Spread my heart he said; share it through your words!  I learned that common sense is very ordinary when you listen to the same common verbs.
Separation produces sin!
We are show when everybody knows our emotional slant. When we have our wits about us we seem to be straight and narrow. Many doubt God because we are commonly mixed in with the known crabs in the barrel!
 The extravagance of our culture has intoxicated our minds to be hunting for God with a flashlight in the daytime!
 Society yells “freeze, place your hands on the wall.” When we turn to face the music, most of us are listening to the voice and not the call. God’s treasure is eternal, but have we raped riches to die trying to be common? Well that don’t make any sense!
Funny thing is the treasure aint a thing when your actions aren’t right. You act so common because everyone is cheating so of course your answers about God wont work!
That’s no justification!
The mirror of fear shows we want to be ordinary like the Jones’s , but disconnected when it comes to  prayer life because you turned from God’s intimate radio station.
Truth be told we want to be bold! We want to separate from culture but that civilization is uninhabited by some friends or foes. We say forget the world, but in the world we are chose to be the common bond that God holds.
 We are children of God where common sense in poker will have to fold. The things we have in common with the Dealer is we won’t fold. When it comes to the flop all God’s cards are as uncommon as the faces of the sheep in the fold!

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