John 15

As a part of the tree of Life, God provides a home for the fruit bearing believer. Those branches that believe in him are fruitful.

The unproductive branches who do not believe are separated from God. In our separation we are not nourished by the care of God but rather our personal care. We can separate ourselves or we can be pruned for growth by God.

In his pruning correction from God helps promote our spiritual growth.

Anything that is not of God will be cut off at the point of contact with the other bearing branches of the tree. Unproductive fruit bears infected harvest and spreads like wildfire throughout the vine.

God brings good and bad into our lives to feed us at all times, but we must be growing in the word to recognize the drought as a season of reform, and saving. Seasons of bountiful growth only lead us to watch, remain still and ponder the greatness of the season!

Good and bad occur so we can assess what we need to survive without him in the physical! Sunshine and rain help feed our cause at all time to bear fruit. To gain the spirit of the fruit we must be near God to be fed at all times. Your heart for God is found in your harvest.


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