Mi-Fi (Can We Try Again)

I’ve been calling you all of my days long, searching through the 66 books of this phone for years. Oh the conversations we had, long, short, some without saying a mumbling word, but the sounds of my heart resonated across the lines of communication.

Through the frayed wire we shared hopes of a better tomorrow. Words were exchanged over the dead air of a dropped call. Somewhere along the way of the information superhighway I lost the Wi-Fi signal in the subway tunnel vision of life. The tracks and signals got crossed I boarded other trains; I lost your SAVED number changing my phone too many times.

We still speak to this day but I am sometimes confused because I do not trust the network, or feel appreciative of my service provider. I am empty without you, the words are spat over a symphony of silent arguments, wars fought in my mind, disobeying the message that you leave on my answering machine, or the words you write in my in box,

I treat them as spam.

How do you have an empty phone conversation? More talking than listening is not a conversation, its me ignoring your empty words! I question your motives, am I hearing the correct message, or am I automatically correcting the message, tinkering with perfection, adding my own Oprah approach to your proven method?

Am I loathing in doubt, not listening to the operator’s voice, not depositing my tithe of 50 cents to get patched through?

If I could reverse the sounds of my complaints and demands, rewrite my thoughts, proofread my ideas, stop payments on a bounced thought checks, take back the devious words I talked to you tearing your heart apart?

God can we try again?
I tried praying today, I didn’t feel a connection to the network, I know your reliability, you have been proven to be the best 5 bars, the network is never down, I’ve improperly used my phone. Did you move on to someone else, am I too late…


2 thoughts on “Mi-Fi (Can We Try Again)

  1. Amy Oscar says:

    This is very raw, very moving. Honest, touching. Keep working it. You’re asking all the right questions…

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