The Inspiration (Them Verses Act.I)

Them verses. I spit them verses because the songs on the radio have too many curses.  God can’t hear your voice, your message it’s locked away in your man purse which is a bag of mixed messages.

It’s the toast to be the most when culture has you on top of the world, but in your community you’re being torn on every blog post. I’m trying to spit something that’s dope because everyone needs to feel what I spoke. Can you hear me now because this poem will be heard before you even see this post?

You read my words you heard my verbs, but yet in your free will you decline my quotes. You rip, ride and go over curbs because you heard other words. So in other words you paid attention to those flows on your mind’s satellite radios.

I spit these verbs because they are my verses. I try not to duplicate what’s around me but everybody else plays perfect and curses. You hear the message but you say it’s mixed because I listened to a song with a curse in it.

Are you the FCC now? What you counting every curse?

I’m listening to the verses the bars and hooks when an artist paints the picture that’s not perfect in everyone’s book.

There is a church inside that cannot be spoken of. We can only speak of the four walls that are the heart on our sleeve. Inside yourself when you have no wealth you can’t see yourself for what it’s worth.

So you do go to that church with those four walls to gain some wealth in self?

I spit these verses because those verses are not these verses, but them verses that I’m spitting from the 66 albums that God blessed will leave you God blessed. The music will not be put in a hearse because God already died for you and me to see what we can’t see when we listen to them verses we’re used to.

Yo MTV did rap, but they cut that off and now it’s a rap. You hear the rap but do you listen to the words? Even Common Sense resurrected a few spoken words.

I listen to them verses because those verses that you speak of are full of gossip. I can’t get down with them verses because that’s just something I can’t pick up with chopsticks. I play chopsticks for you to hear that classic eternal verse. You still can’t hear me cause you still clamoring “is this dude really not gonna curse?”


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