The Inspiration (Them Verses:The Encore)

I can’t believe people can’t see what your eyes won’t hear, and that your ears have been deceived!

You have been looking to see the weak links in the game that have been ruining our songs. You can stand the S word or the F word in a song; you can even applaud the occasional F bomb. But you look at the bombs they drop when they did something wrong.

You still look at them verses, but what song have they written? Not a song of your own? Do you hear the psalms that God made into personalized poem? I can’t believe my people are being deceived by what’s on that plasma HD screen.

We worry about bad music and it will only be on for a season. The gospel will play until the end of time. I’m just telling you that these verses that I’m spitting are not like them verses that you hear.

Those verses are not these verses because these verses that I spit are from them verses God put in his 66 albums so we can read about those other verses that we can’t find. (Classic hits of God’s timeless vine.)

You still curse the verse that I disperse to put out to you to promote on TV. You’ll never see me grace MTV. I’m not that hot, and it just aint me.

I hope you can appreciate that Gods verses are a catalog of other verses that we fail to see. God has his own bars and hooks but are we putting our coats up to see. Can we scan through God’s look book quickly?  There are not too many pictures in the Bible as you can see.

You never hear God on TV unless it’s after 4 am on BET!  And to me I’m not living a nightmare if I’m fast asleep in my dreams.

I don’t know about you but I’m tired of drinking the intoxication of a witches brew. I’m trying to drink up, but the elixir is hot! You hear some good music but that’s called underground. To the black community it might as well be called pop!

Now when I hear some music if my people sound too loud they will call the cops! It doesn’t sound like music to them, because it’s a bunch of garbage to you. Maybe not to me but I can see the ARTist’s that have positive acts have something to say.

It doesn’t need to sound like N.W.A, or be aggressive like Malcolm X. Martin Luther King said we have a dream, so we do have something to say on record and on TV.  I want my people to step up and use the music they have to reach those who have not.

It might not be with all of God’s words, but there is still a message in our communities plot.

You blame them for subliminal message that turned into a mainstream hit.  Maybe you didn’t hear the prayer skit, maybe you heard DMX grunts and the UH HUH, and forgot the message that was hidden in the verbs.

I listen to them verses so I can reach you with these verses, so you can listen to the Bible to seek those verses.

God is not a curse!

If you don’t question the verse that God put in you, it will remain perverse.  You won’t understand God’s message because you won’t recognize what parked outside in that hearse. It hurts that people are looking to the hearse to say hip-hop is dead.

It’s on life support and all it needs is a community’s resuscitation!

Please understand I didn’t have to curse throughout this whole verse.

God does not deceive with snares of despair that leave your heart entangled in the Devils snare. The Devil’s music is not out there if you listen to what’s under God’s care.

Listen again people music is not in a hearse!

Stevie Wonder put ribbons in the sky so we could grab them and swing from line to line. Like Jack in the beanstalk my rhymes have a message, and through me God will talk…


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