Cashmere Thoughts

I have abstained from writing for the past few days to collect my thoughts, clear my mind, and unwind from the world’s daily wrap up.  But in isolating my thoughts I forgot about what brings me joy…

My writing freeze my mind to show you a view of God that is on paper, but not on your TV’s Paper View!

I want people to see how good Mary Mary is, but it’s the God’s in me that shows when you read my prose! It’s not about how many great words I speak, the feat of becoming a writer, or even hearing my words over a tight beat.

My service is getting the benediction across during the service of life. I don’t need a tithe because my offerings will guide you to a new life! 

I have one shot to get my point across but a lifetime in Christ! Don’t follow my words because they flow together, follow my journey because I’m the entourage of Christ!


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