Naked Testimony

I have undressed the vision of me that I have put in your view!

The inspiration I have is filled with God’s nourishment for my testimony. It keeps me filled to the brim with a different aroma of encouragement and hope! No stench of lies or witty words, but a closer walk with God using unswerving steps. 

My heart flutters with the warmth of a million words, a million voices that speak existence what God has resonated across my heart! The people who stood for me, the people who stood against me, and those who prayed, I thank you! 

I am no saint! I am a humble man, who is a child for Christ! Do not mistake my maturity in age for my youth in Christ. I’m still learning how to walk behind Jesus while moving forward with Christ! I have sinned, and yes I am saved, I don’t claim to be a saint, but the saints are what people claim to see.

By his mercy and grace, I have come to the conclusion that through my words will I gain the victory over those perfect hypocritical people who are critical of the appearance rather than the heart of a champion. Through my words will I gain victory over those things that have plagued my right to be heard!

 For so long I bottled up my thoughts and kept them hostage from God, with the façade that since I am a man on earth, I cannot show a tear because then I won’t look hard!

Modest at heart, I was mute by nature. I have been trained to keep quiet by the world, and learned to hate YOU! With the world I stood, and with God I fall, in the end He picked me up while he dusted off the rest of ya’ll. I stood loudly in Living Colors with no clear path of appreciation for eternal life.

Todd Alexander Covington is an eloquent being, with hopes, aspirations, and dreams formulated from God’s blessings! Seeing is believing, but what you see is not what you heard, don’t follow me, look to God and follow his words!

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