Truth Is…

The truth is we cannot pick and choose which side of the fence we want to be on. In the fight for your soul there is a war going on in your mind that no one is safe from. We play like it’s a game but when a judgment comes down whose side will lay inbounds?

In the images of today’s culture the truth is like catching a million dollars from the sky, nonexistent. People claim to keep it real but only keep it about as 100 as those fake looking bills.

Truth is the truth is too strong for those who have another agenda on their minds. There is only the lie they hold onto that makes their way the truth!

 Truth is the more the truth is heard the more divided people become from hearing rumors, instead of seeking the real meaning of verbs!

People either want to understand what is real and true or they want to reject what they hear because their opinion does not ring true! When something is difficult to understand people stray from the truth and believe the lie that massages their EGO, and soothes their hunger for selfishness!

In maturity there is no excuse for rebellion to the truth!

We use God as a punch line to show our growth, but what we really do is catch on to a few catchy verses we hear when we heard the preached word. Our actions can’t be seen if all we use is empty words, lie outside the comfort of our zone, and make a home in lies that disturbs the throne!

If we don’t know where to look how we will know what is right that comes out of the book. How can you accept or reject something to be true if all you look at is false and everything you read you question as truth!

Truth is, many walk away from a good thing because it is difficult to view. It doesn’t look the same everyday and looks like a rage of red, or a depression of blue. Hues of the soul change but the truth remains a consistent reminder of the facts and not the fiction of your opinions and views!

With too much pride your soul will be eaten alive by your opinion of your lies which seem to be true. When we walk away from the truth who will we walk to? Once you walk away always remember that you will definitely run back to seek out the truth!

The sustenance of the truth will keep you preserved in what’s true!

You can pretend to follow, go to church for status, the approval of your clique, and gain nothing but the lies of a culture’s tune. Music has a message there are only two responses to the truth… You either accept the true message or you disapprove and shed lies upon the truth!


One thought on “Truth Is…

  1. mschabella says:

    I like this there’s nothing more to say but speak onnit

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