Child Support

I hate the view of LOVE that I have of you! We created a beautiful song that will sing her pitch changes as she strikes out against the world!

She is mine just as much as she is your little girl. No matter what you feel she will forever be my lady.

The passionate hatred you display has put my heart in such a place that it will erase my LOVE for her because of the pain I feel for you! My rage in vein comes in different hues. Rage red and depression blues!

You took over the zone of affection I have and led me down a path of computer blues. I write to feel I can accept my role, and get closer to her by moving my thoughts away from you.

You can say you don’t need my help, but the help in this man is that entire little girl needs to view. I will not leave her all alone in the world that wants to see her dad lose! I can give her the world that offers her nothing, or I can be the man in which she needs to view!

It will never matter how much money she see’s roll in, if she never sees her dad roll in to see her in school, or in a different hue. Don’t paint the picture that you have in her mind, let her create her own cartoon. Let her dad be the shining armor she needs to see to blind her vision of what you and the world see as “dad the disapproved!”

In your eyes I will never be dad the star of her eye, you are too proud to beg, and see she needs our sympathy. Now I don’t care how you act, because in the next stage or act II I won’t be the character that looks like you.

I will continue to be who I need to be!

The day will come when she see’s who we really are because the truth shines on a dripping star! Each authentic act that drips from my being will show who I am through and through.

Mistakes are made, boundaries are crossed but it is all for the LOVE of my chosen girl!

Don’t let me forget that you are saved just as I am, but do you carry the good memories in your heart?

Hypocritically you have stuck to the principals you want when they don’t lead to the emotions of your actions! When you can be mad you conveniently let God go out the front door with your backdoor antics that make the unsaved look like saints!

I wonder when I will see what you live come back marching in, to bring the little girl that means the world to us both see the real parents she needs to know the most?


2 thoughts on “Child Support

  1. Niaka says:

    I like this! Very heartfelt, I admire the passion that u put in this. Keep it up!

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