Slaughterhouse Hues

I know a lot of people who think they know me never knew I worked in a turkey slaughterhouse!

I worked there because I humiliated the pride I had inside me soul! I needed the money to plan to move my life forward for the stagnation of idling my families dreams. Many days I related to the death I saw everyday!

The dreams were slaughtered in front of my eyes, not deffered. Awaking not knowing what each day held, because my mind was held at gunpoint, by the points of view I didn’t like from the slaughterhouse of a view

Everyday I went to a place that smelled like my thoughts, desecrated the very meaning of what it meant to feel like a man. Sometimes I thought I went so I would look good in my family to be’s eyes.

My kids needed cloths, my fiancée needed to see a man, but I was tired. Tired of seeing the worst and hoping for the best. Knowing I was a college graduate, and I was working with people who might not be able to read. I had to be humilited to understand the human condition of struggle.

I can look back to that time I had with my thoughts when I wanted to give up. In my mind at times I gave up on the dreams I had ahead of me because I was lying in blood filled rooms. At times the stench made me realize that maybe, just maybe this is what my life had come to.

I was a second rate citizen in a world that saw me as a fool. A fool doing all these things to please people when in reality, I was just doing what I was told I was supposed to do. Old fashion views that always had my emotions confused.

Todd says all that to say this. I wouldnt change that struggle for anything! It created a stronger person that adapted to the reality of a hidden dream.

I learned there isn’t a thing in the world you can’t get through without God and a good man/woman on your side. The people closest to you won’t always believe in you when you are down, but God gives them the strength to keep you afloat until you learn to swim over adversity!

Staying down means you have given up, if you give up, you will always be ready to sit like a dog, and rollover to gain the pounds of depression!

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2 thoughts on “Slaughterhouse Hues

  1. Niaka says:

    A temporary setback is a permanant setup for God to do what he wants to do in your life! You are a living testimony!

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