Zune In HD

You dont have to tune in to tune out the subliminal messages that make you scratch you chest instead of your head when you see the ridiculous make you shout instead!

Some voices are constructed to instruct others who construct lies and make other’s thought beds!

We live in a habitat for humanity, but most in the world tear down what took years to build in the blink of a moment! The foundation of aspirations, and dreams were layed down way before people looked in to the property that belonged to you, and all the while they are now pillaging an allotment of your lot that was ment for you!

Why settle for less when you are a part of a selected community that has a quality assurance of producing the best. People in your cul-de-sac always want to ride you rollercoaster to the top. Only they sit out the coaster when it comes free-falling down to the ground!

People always want to take down your statues of success when your statutes of limitation become your calling card of direst.

Character acts need a lead character when you emotions get played to the left! We will never be wrong if we stay right and settled in the lane provided that only goes straight ahead!

Don’t move when the winds of negativity sway you East to West!

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