Inspirational Stimulus

It’s inspiring to have an African American man to look up to. In essence we as a community of black men have a standard of recognizing where we canbe. We can put an image on how a successful black man should look.

Oddly we caught a blessing in disguise by electing a African American president!

Through the turbulence from the shenanigans in the bushes, we can see how black men handle struggle. As men we see what approval ratings are everyday. To a degree we understand the climate the president operates in.

Decisions are made at the drop of a hat that are unpopular with the family (community). We misunderstood to understand that in his struggle will he be appreciated more when things go as they should.

As a community black men are held to the most rigorous of opinionated standards!

We are unrealistic about how long it takes to do tasks while having disregard for how difficult their responsibilties can be. Their worth is underestimated. We delegate to them too quickly, and forget the world is pulling at their shoulders as we add more weight of worry, and fear!

As a people do we see that we are getting younger in our thoughts, and not impatient in our decisions? The errors of our youthful lifestyle has caused us to feel our intelligence or lack thereof is more important then experience, but when we grow up a little we act with our shaky experience to realize we don’t have enough knowledge!

The truth is… If we are to make a difference we need to keep moving! I didn’t say idle, move the vehicle to change! Take of the yellow boots of oppression and trudge towards your goals!

MOVE, and stand for something!

Strong woman, don’t choose to be independent stand next to these black men who are ready for action! We can be content with what we have, but not in who we are!

The identity starts with our views, but ask yourself men. Are you ready to approve this message?

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