Love Quote #1

Being you has become a way of life of being me.

I lost my name because it’s enclosed in your heart capsule of my heartbeat.

I please you to open up the capsule of my mind, to be kind and rewind to time out far away to display the images of what my heart truly has to say.

Every time your heartbeats, I hear the emotional traces of bliss spread tracks across the barren soul your heart has not touched. 

My hands of time have never graced the cover of your heart, while my words in kind wrote the most eloquent story in Braille.

Now I know I have touched your body without touching your mind!


Abyss (How Deep Is Your Love?)

My envisioned warmth emanates through my bones as calcified memories.

Fossils of love left concealed evidence around the misery of heart shaped boxes.

Will I see the radiance of day; will my heart stay enclosed in the safety of emotional daze? 

In an instance my feelings jump outside the box and my heart accepts what’s deep…

The abyss, so I weep heart shaped fears…