Love on Blast

The Lovely Standards of the heart vary from person to person, I took a shot at some of the things I have heard from men/woman…

  • You must exhibit the same love at all times! If you truly love people it will show in the same way you your mate sees you. They know how you interact with your words.
  • Your definition of love never changes!
  • When you redefine love you show that you understand that it is not an absolute thing! It is all in what you want it to be and not what it has been defined to you as, or what it was!
  • Love does not turn off; it always stays plugged into you!
  • You have to love with a clear mind, and a patient heart! It takes experience and work for Love to work!
  • People do not own what you think about, they own they’re own thoughts. Don’t think you are the purveyor of what your mate thinks! They have free will, and they will freely ignore what you don’t agree with!
  • We have all been cheated on at some point! Let’s be genuine about it! People make mistakes. Realize that we all fall, how we choose to react to the mistake shows the true character of your hearts condition!
  • People only owe you the Love that you demand! Demand what you want and patiently see the results!
  • Love is behind closed doors, you must let it out for air to see the world to discern true Love from loving hate!
  • 10.  You cannot look at someone else and see love if you can’t feel the love in your wealth!
  •  Your experiences will lead you to fear Love, but if you Love you for who you are than no one can take away what you expect, adapt to you!
  • Love does have some pain involved, and some discomfort. In its ebb and flow, the top of the journey remains the same!
  •  Love is a personal examination of what you attract vs. what you want. Did you figure out what you need yet>?
  •  Love means if I don’t have it (in my mind) I give it anyway to show how humble I am to have you in my life! I will lay down my pride to make your day!
  •  Love means if I got it you got it! Ill cherish all that we go through to learn from it! Good, bad, etc!
  •  When you love someone some things become automatic! You know what they want and how they want it that is unconditional! You don’t mind because, in your mind, it doesn’t matter!
  •  Love means when you have nothing from the world, you have a wealth of each other that will help console each others fears!
  • There are no maybe’s in Love or marriages of the mind! Genuine talk! Respect, humility, and loyalty go a long with unconditional Love!
  •  Love never goes away quietly! If it’s unconditional and genuine it will fight for you even when a loss seems eminent!

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2 thoughts on “Love on Blast

  1. Niaka says:

    Real talk!! I love it.

  2. mschabella says:

    I like this

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