Soundtrack to my Life

After reading a classic blog post by @DollyDagg I realized she was on to something.

At the start of a new year, the reflection of an old past we make promises of change. Deep down we know they are empty words to make our emotions at ease, we lie back in bed with the thoughts of doing things the same way we are comfortable in!

I know I try to keep my mind right by keeping in step with what God has for me, but sometimes I step out of my faith, and step on the toes of others to walk on the top of their shoes!

I look to walk to see someone else’s approach and opinion to a similar situation I am in only to come to the conclusion of their outcome! Sometimes we must realize that the broken promise we put out can be put back together to form another thought process!

We all look to progress but sometimes, we hear the soundtrack of our life in someone else’s remix of the future!

I often think I have things according to what I put out in the world, but in my world I put out the words that I want to hear, only to start the fires of someone else’s passion! I want to be free of the things I hear that aren’t of me, but some melodies sound so sweet to my ears!

The score to my heart is already written to a standing ovation of what’s in store! I must pay attention to the beat, snare, and traps that lay in store of the musical touch I have on my life!

Did God touch yours?

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One thought on “Soundtrack to my Life

  1. Niaka says:

    Great work. Very interesting I enjoyed it.

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