Friends. How Many of Us Have Them?

The people you feel are close to you are no closer than that “feeling you had when you sensed they were further from telling you the truth. The objections of their personal crusade will always show in the objects that appear closer in the side mirror eyes they use to appear closer than they seem!

Associates! Listen! Associates are not friends. They are copycat’s of the original, and are not copyrighted! They do not have your authorized and written consent to speak on your life’s behalf! That space is reserved for friends!

In reality they are the chastised appearance of your childish thoughts that need to be placed on timeout. How much time is your deciding factor of how soon you trust those you put on timeout! The time they had “in” your life can be see by their addition to your life by subtracting hope, or adding value!

Those same folks who were behind you 100% are you guessed it the same 100% of people you can’t find when you need a hand.

A voice, a shoulder!

You will know when they need you! An APB will be out for you! A text message will not do, they will call you to make sure your voice hears their cries! Fliers of their demands are sent out and you will see the image of their hands out!

People that work behind the music of your soundtrack to life can help you create beautiful music, or always want to remix your thoughts!

True musicians are hard to come by!

Everyone can’t be in the orchestra of your unique sound! Stop casting your cares upon people who only care to boast about how they can make you look or sound better!

Find a “quiet storm” friend!

They are hard to spot but easy to find! Battle tested, armor ready, and you don’t have to ask for their support! When someone has a genuine concern, the outcome of your decisions can be seen by their willingness to want to see you excel!

A true friend see past your obstacles, and understands your true worth. Even when you look to accept mediocrity!


2 thoughts on “Friends. How Many of Us Have Them?

  1. whoa this is deep…i feel like this because most of my so call friends, walk away when i need a hand…i am going through a very difficult situation and there is no one 2 talk 2 or no one to grab my hand. i feel vulnarable, alone and sad 😥

    • When you need someone to talk to you need to have that security of knowing who is on your side, through everything you will go through in life, and sometimes that is not a person. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, please continue to read todd alexander presents…

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