Can I Hear Your Nouns?

I can never hear you if you cannot SHOUT to be heard. Your mind is closed, so the drive thru of verbs are now nouns. They have no action, they are just stagnant words!

Complaints are always a department stored in your mail room. When I shut my mind off from your volume, the spam box gets full of the BS you spew! You shoot off at the mouth in your mind.

I question your thoughts all you can do is shoot blank stares of forgotten warning shots. You forgot to take of the safety when your angry words were the target of my heart!

I’m not Miss Cleo I can’t read your mind!

I reach out to get through to your hotlines. I can see your in a sea of thoughts, I’m not God I cannot read the e-mails of your mind!

Oh yeah I forgot with your attitude I need to stand clear, but you fear that you are hard to hear! You are always heard even when you silence speaks more loudly than your mumbled words! 

                                                      Even in your mind your voice sounds MUTE!

I hear the body language of your complaints. You say you’re ok. I obey the way your body caresses the words you convey, but the writing on the wall is written Braille, I can feel the emotions you display!

Sweetie if you wanna be heard you have to speak line for line, and word for word!

 Spoken words!

There is no sign language to your abstract thoughts that portray a portrait of the thoughts I heard, or was it an illusion of what I observed?


5 thoughts on “Can I Hear Your Nouns?

  1. This is awesome! Thank you for sharing this with me via Twitter. Write on


  2. Modelisque says:

    “Spoken Words” —

  3. Modelisque says:

    I like this. It really pulled me in. just by the title ” Can I hear Your Nouns?”

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