Bla©k,P®oud, or LOUD?

I’m BLACK and I’m PROUD!  No I’m heard LOUD, and seen too PROUD!

The emotions of  words are heard in the facial expressions of my heartfelt and scornful vowels! 

What you  see in me is the stereotype built by men. 


I see you in your pocket conversations judging me,

There is always a voice in the crowd that murmurs,

“Man are they black and loud!” 

All we would say is I’m BLACK and my point to prove is PROUD!

No the reality is we need to listen first,

So we can be heard over the chambered bullets left in our reserves.

They were right we just shoot aimlessly with violent words in a silent war (listen).

And you wonder why they don’t listen.

Truth is we are black and we are heard,

no one listens to MEN when their actions recklessly kill the spirit of a womans action word (LOVE).


Only then we realize our words sometimes tell real eyes, real lies.

Our are emotions are often shot from our tongue without a respect of person.

Sometimes warning shots  pierce emotions when they are swallowed whole instead of chewed up first


One thought on “Bla©k,P®oud, or LOUD?

  1. JSC says:

    My BASIC- 2Tim. 3:16
    All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.


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