Sprung a Leak

We have all entered into a relationship with the best selfish intentions of being who we are, while being afraid of being whipped or sprung!

Let’s be real with each other! 

We have all entered a relationship with ulterior motives. You find a good person in society’s eyes that makes you look safe, and actually it makes you look weak. When you look again you see that you are no longer you, but a mushy punked up version of the former self.

Your girls get sentimental about how you are always away. The emotions of how good the guy is, they ready to pawn you off on ol boy fresh out the package!

And guys, why do we have to tell the guy he is whipped? We are jealous of him having a good thing, or getting to a stage where he is always with said girl, and “wifed up.”

Like crabs in a barrel guys don’t want another person they know to stray away with a female. We need to do better! As men we create an aura that permeates into a sense of peer pressure!


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