I love you but I cheated on you…

I need your arms around me tonight but Im going to chill with the fellas…

Im going to make a change in my life but I need to have multiple partners for awhile…

I want to get married but I don’t trust you…

God you have been good to me but, I can’t seem to find you when I’m in a storm…

I don’t drink but when I’m around certain people…

I used you to gain an advantage over your mind but I just wanted…

Sorry I was late to the wedding but I had a second thought about…

Words are powerful and are the weapons of choice for a war of the minds.

While in conversations I found one of the most powerful words known to man that can change the way you look at any sentence.


Just at a glance at the sentences above you see that when you listen to someone speak the minute you say but you brace yourself for the impact of what’s next. In your mind you have already formulated “this sounds like its going to be negative” and a majority of the time, you’re right!

Once but is infused into an idea whatever you thought before the but is an illusion of grandeur. It no longer exists. You become fixated with the memories of what is said after the but, wait there’s more…

The conversation is forever changed by the drop of a weapon of mass destruction that turns a positive to a negative.

For example: I love my wife but, I hate that I always have to go through so much to get appreciated so little. By first glance you see that I love my wife but, it goes down hill from there. You also can feel weight of the words bring unwanted overeating of what someone tries to feed you.

The conviction is apparent. My hurt, my pain is evidenced in the face that appears in my words. I have devalued what I already said, but you listen to what you heard after the deathblow of one three letter word.

We tell people the word can’t is not a part of their vocabulary! In an era of moral instability a new king of unmentionable words has placed granny panties over our head.

The word but!

It will change the dichotomy of any conversation. Don’t believe me try it.

But be careful!


2 thoughts on “…But

  1. Beth says:

    I used to say this all the time in arguments… “but”.

    It is not a good habit! It is the equivalent of saying erase what I said before…this is what I am actually saying…
    Learning to erase this word in situations like that is difficult but very rewarding! It will make you truly think about what you are saying before you speak!
    Very well put!…as always!

  2. Niaka says:

    Now that u have pointed out how “but” can ruin a conversation, I understand it more and in my day to day encounters I will make an effort to not use “but”

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