If you want something to grow you have to believe in what you are doing to cultivate the desired crops. If you are cheating your seeds of corruption with fertilizer of lies, while watering your mate with trust you can never expect to trust yourself! 

Most people lie to themselves so much they forget how to be true to themselves. In their confusion to confuse someone else they fall victim to their own snare, hit the high hat, the bass becomes muddy, and now what they planted drowns in the lies they created!

Even though you tell yourself you can change, once you plant a lie it’s hard to grow a truth. 

Changing spots is easy when you are a chameleon, but if you portray your portrait the same way a masterpiece will never be seen if what you paint doesn’t fit in your frame of mind. 

Who out there wants to be with a person who maybe straight up? *crickets* 

Silent air, with inner voices shouting for release!

Most people out there cant even stomach shots of alcohol straight up, and we expect the truth?

We all play along with the role of how things are supposed to go based on how a previous relationship went.

Wrong! Wrong!

Blame is always placed on how we feel about ourselves as an outward appearance of the illusion of ourselves in someone else!  When you can’t be truthful with yourself, you are real with others! 

At the end of the day we are so insecure because we give 100% of the I love you’s 50% of the volume. They are never accepted or heard because the volume of our heartbeat is faint and the sincerity is dying!


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