Hello Nice 2 Meet You(r) (views)

At times we say we want to reach out and do more yet all we do is reach our alligator arms out to snap and complain. I reached out to a young women (@DollyDagg) because I saw some of the same questions, pains, and illustrations that I had going in my mind. I stopped saying I would and I did! Here is my Guest Blogger for today…
The last couple of months have been very interesting and very memory worthy. I sat there and wondered why?… so hard ,like why was it that I remember certain songs , phrases and events?….
Ok let’s do it this way ex: Your leaving your house just in a funk; things are a mess and  can’t shake the bullshit. Then suddenly you remembered you had and event to go to. The day is finished ,your at the event.
While at the event you meet this wonderful person.The person  has so much insight and all they said first was “Hello , nice to meet you” !. I laughed when I first thought of this topic but, it makes so much sense.
Our  young people  today are very lonely young at heart and just want attention. The truth is even after you meet someone  just cause they said hi to you , you feel so much better. I sometimes forget  I was mad or the day had some comedy to it . “Twitter” is a good tool for that so is “Facebook”.
Think about everything you did last year up until this year…. now think if you took out all the new people you met including  the old. I believe that memories and moments don’t always  happen because of you but, the people who are in your life.
The day-to-day meet of  “Hello” has brought you a best friend, a lover ,mentor or even enemy.
Today I thought that and smiled . This blog I’m writing now is because I said “Hello”, nice to meet you! and I inspired someone to do better. The person has also helped me to want write more and continue to inspire. Friends I have now , pictures and songs I hear feel so much better because most of it I said hello and a story unfolded. .
I also believe we meet people for a reason and God sends us these people to remind us that we are alive he is here and that life is worth living!
SO.! with this thought      ” Konichawa , Ha ji me ma shi te’   or…..
“Hello, nice to meet you ” !
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8 thoughts on “Hello Nice 2 Meet You(r) (views)

  1. dollydagg says:

    Aww… It looks so sweet, Thanx again for having me as a guest! lol

  2. NeXplicableP says:

    It’s true, we never know the effect we have on another person’s day. A simple smile, a warm ‘hello’ sometimes makes all the difference in the world to someone who is having a bad day.

  3. Roger E Lear says:

    Thank you for sharing sister. “Hello, nice to meet you ”. Be well


  4. Niaka says:

    This is so true! A “hello” is all you need sometimes to make the day a little bit brighter.

  5. I think this is correct a simple hello can make a persons day! I try to speak to any and everyone I make eye contact with, or at least smile. Funny how people think im look or that I am so mean! I know meeting new people! Twitter is wonderful for this because you get to randomly butt in everyone conversation without being rude and I love it! Im a people watcher a Lover of all things.. keep spreading the word


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