Divorced Reality

R U married?

Was their ceremony?  

In your mind yes?

Marriage is a state of  illusion for some! In some relationships people feel they are married. They have walked down the aisle of emotions, and thrown a bouquet of thoughts for all to see!

You already heard I do when the emotions were spruned.  You moved in together to save on the rent of thoughts, but at this point we fail to realize that emotions move in and practicality gets shipped out!

All these things put my mind into one perspective…

We are all married to our own traditions and ideas of how we want emotions to work. Our external environment play big roles not only in  the dynamic of marriage, but in the internal view of our friends and family. In being a “friend” they look to give “friendly fire” advice! 

Look Out!

Every time we have something go our way, we have just said “I do” to the idea that we wanted for ourselves(selfishness). Often we are married to our job of keeping ourselves happy, because we are used to the high we get of being in control of our emotions!

Action can be mistaken if your not moving! A stationary bike of how you feel will move your motives, but it will never move you to do what your supposed to do!

It will move you to lose what you may hold close to you! All weight loss isn’t good loss! Losing the strength of being able to carry on in any situation can be lost with emotional weight training!

Many people stay married to themselves far to long that they forget that they divorced their mind from the truth and married their heart to feelings!

Did I just step on some toes!  You are single in thought because you are married to the idea that you can live the “selfish lie” as long as you want and transfer your lifestyle to another person. 

You cannot have a selfish mentalitiy in your thoughts with a mind of marrying your thoughts with another! 

Take a closer look! You are talking about yourself! You’re married to the thought and fear of finding the right person (you)  not knowing which “you” you’re bring to the table.

Wake up people; we are all married to something!

The question is can you admit you are married to the wrong thoughts, emotions? Your selfish drive?  What drives your decisions?

The drunk of emotion, or the conservative clean-cut image of practicality? 

Copyright © 2009 Flashlight in the Daytime


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