Passionate Lie, Unadulterated Truth

I lied to you because you asked me to paint the truth!

You could’nt handle what I said so I took off the mask and made it bulletproof. I captured your emotions so you could taste the soup. You didnt care how hot the lie was that I spew, all you cared about was that I cared enough to be in your corner while you took on the sucker punches of the truth!

I said one line, a line after line. A note for note, quote for quote. You hung on to my lies, but once I told the truth you broke! I saw your face. The looks I got were for a felon, someone who stole something from you.

I wanted to caress the very being of your life. Put the spice of life into your heart to make you my wife, but you LIED.

You lied to me and your momma and your cousin to, have me to lie when the truth is signed, sealed and delivered on the inside of my truths pride.

Dont ask me again but I hate you emotions and to your face I wont lie!


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