A common theme in life is that at times we feel alone. One way we try to humanize our lonliness is to get married to ideas that will satisfy the intuitions we have stored in our memory banks.

Lonliness does not mean that we are all by ourselves with absolutely  no help.

This state of mind has more to do with our chemical signals, and what messages we choose to recieve or put in the spam box!

The psychological and emotional way we view the hues of what we are offered is what gives us a mood to swing at the foul balls that life throws at you.

For some of us the cure for lonliness is to go out and surround ourselves with link minded people. But in a funk of lonliness what ideas will we infuse into our emotions? We will go into social outlets, but what our we plugging into?

The lonliness can only be erased from within. The dry erase day to day thoughts we throw away sometimes leave the marks of colorful confusion as we try to overwrite the right thoughts to disconnected emotions.


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