Life Savior

In a relationship with God you are the shipmate and he is the vessel. In your loneliness you choose to take a 5 day cruise. You ship off, to ship out, and venture uncharted territory outside the ship’s boundary’s.

You enjoyed the cruise ship for what its worth, then you get a stronger urge to go sight sea of into the wilderness of life.

Sounds odd, but true!

Everything on the ship was to your liking. The spiritual food was good, the shows (stories) were excellent. The ship was amazing and a sight to see, but we choose to get off the ship and go sight on the sea!

God warns us about the water being rough. We are what we think we see, but then again that gets us stranded at sea. In our human intuition we want to test the world for all is has to offer!

In the meantime the ship sits idle in its luster!

The loneliness away from the things you need causes you to question why you left in the first place. Is it the lust for more, the power of having an endless amount? Do we really think we can find more when we are already promised exeedingly and abunduntly beyond anything we can fathom?

In our attachment to the things have, we fail to keep searching for the things we need. Complacency in life leaves us in a permanent comfort zone. We can never see things as they are because we are not at a place to view things as their past view.

We never check our hand to see if God is leading us, we always try to pull God along as if we are in the theme park of emotions. Trying this quick fix here, running to do what we want to do their!

God is our captain! No co-pilot!

At times we treat God like he is the crew and we have control! If we are that lonely in life how do we stay this way when God is supposed to be at the head of our lives!

When we get lost off the ship the mutiny indwelling in us has already begun, and God pulls us back to port to help us sail off on his desires!

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One thought on “Life Savior

  1. niaka says:

    Excellent work. The words you spoke were so true! I believe all of us has been at a place where we were on the right track and because something looked more interesting, we left only to be miserable, and lost. Once we realize that God’s word is truth and that with him all things are possible, we will be just fine. Stay on the right path and don’t take any detours.

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