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Black Elephant, White Room

I don’t appreciate that people don’t include me in aspects of my life. People around me talk about me like a dog, and yet don’t tell me what’s going on with aspects of my life. Continue reading


Truth Hearse

Truth is I want to trust you but I can’t trust me! Continue reading


My inspiration is filled with the nourishment of the testimony that fills me to the brim of anticipation with an aroma of the essence of unspoken words. No stench of lies, witty words, or false advertisement of other people’s eyewitness. Their alibi. Continue reading

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I am too tired to express the way I feel; tired of the critics telling me God aint real! Continue reading

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Building a Relationship with God pt.IV

When we are sincere in prayer and rightly divide the truth, we learn to take God’s relationship at face value! You cannot add, subtract, water down or spin the truth as you see fit to keep you happy! Continue reading

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Building a Relationship with God pt. III

If we refuse, or fail to adhere to God’s directions, we can be allowed to have a disapproved or reprobate mind! Romans 1:28   Continue reading

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Building a Relationship with God pt. II

Building a relationship with God has everything to do with the decisions and choices we make or fail to abide in.

We cannot hide from God in fear.  

Once we have knowledge and understanding we have confession and truth!  God can reject our disobedience or accept our obedience!

God does not bless that which is wrong, he corrects wrong!

Everyone who has come to the salvation of God will have some experience with Him. That is not to say each experience is all good or contrite, but we all have something we have been through!

One fact is true; we will not be standing in an idle place where nothing is happening!

Truth be told, we might not know what state we are in. Confused or without knowledge we will never be idling in waiting. Without our sight we have a faith in our relationship with God!

In a strong relationship with God we learn how His mercy works…

We often use the word mercy as if God doesn’t see everything we do! Just because we get away with doing something doesn’t mean God just bats an eye to it and lets it go!

We can be under God’s permissive will and not His perfect will!

God’s mercy is not only available when we repent, but mercy is evident when we are ignorant to the truth! At times we do not know what is true and are in account as well, that is mercy too.

When you know the truth and fail to do it God’s way, you sit in the seat of accountability!

In our relationship with God we must grow, hear, and be humble!

A relationship can only be assembled with quality time. You cannot build anything strong, supportive, and worthwhile without spending time being taught.

When you spend the right time with God He will make you sensitive to the words you will need to hear. When God changes you he shows the real you. He molds you. His gravitation will pull you towards being a better person! In addition you will be able to hear God better, and listen more intently!

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Building A Relationship With God

In building a relationship with God we must have all the parts to start and finish the work.

Scripture, relationships, boundaries, and fellowship with other like minded people are key characteristics in the assembly of a strong relationship with God.  We should know that in learning how to build a strong relationship we will also learn to build a formidable relationship with God.

Matthew 11:28-30 gives us evidence into what kind of relationship He will form with us.

We will all be tried with struggles and tribulations, but God will always give us rest!

He is gentle and humble in heart, and gives our soul rest!

Having a better relationship with God is what keeps us straight in life. A  positively growing relationship helps us discover what tools to use to build or take apart the things we need to get closer to God.

Often we are caught up in our feelings that look towards others to see if they have it going on with God!

Be careful!

Your mind can take you places that people cannot reach you. Your flesh can live contrary to what you believe in.


In watching others shift we sometimes want to “church it” and make our relationships a habit of what we see in church, and not what we live. A question of seeing what God can do in his creations, but do I follow that or the Creator?

What kind of life do you choose to live?

A strong relationship with God comes when we set or humble ourselves according to Him and his Word. We cannot confess Jesus, read the Word and still live our lives based on decisions that are contradictory to God!

We must be honest and forthright in this relationship knowing that the best confession we can have is to live our lives as the image of our relationship with God. Live a life as God before yourself. Be honest with what your image is.

No one should have to co-sign the loan of who you are!

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