Building A Relationship With God

In building a relationship with God we must have all the parts to start and finish the work.

Scripture, relationships, boundaries, and fellowship with other like minded people are key characteristics in the assembly of a strong relationship with God.  We should know that in learning how to build a strong relationship we will also learn to build a formidable relationship with God.

Matthew 11:28-30 gives us evidence into what kind of relationship He will form with us.

We will all be tried with struggles and tribulations, but God will always give us rest!

He is gentle and humble in heart, and gives our soul rest!

Having a better relationship with God is what keeps us straight in life. A  positively growing relationship helps us discover what tools to use to build or take apart the things we need to get closer to God.

Often we are caught up in our feelings that look towards others to see if they have it going on with God!

Be careful!

Your mind can take you places that people cannot reach you. Your flesh can live contrary to what you believe in.


In watching others shift we sometimes want to “church it” and make our relationships a habit of what we see in church, and not what we live. A question of seeing what God can do in his creations, but do I follow that or the Creator?

What kind of life do you choose to live?

A strong relationship with God comes when we set or humble ourselves according to Him and his Word. We cannot confess Jesus, read the Word and still live our lives based on decisions that are contradictory to God!

We must be honest and forthright in this relationship knowing that the best confession we can have is to live our lives as the image of our relationship with God. Live a life as God before yourself. Be honest with what your image is.

No one should have to co-sign the loan of who you are!

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One thought on “Building A Relationship With God

  1. Natasha says:

    “Your mind can take you places that people cannot reach you. Your flesh can live contrary to what you believe in”. That quote released me! Struggling everyday in my body I continue to ask GOD for peace, truth and that he will continue to keep me. You are an awesome teacher because you are right, my relationship with GOD is my foundation. I seek that relationship to make sense of everything. What I learned through you today is that our relationship with GOD is reflected in our relationship with others. That is healing! I am going to share this blog entry with so many people. GOD bless you and my GOD keep you!

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