Building a Relationship with God pt. III

If we refuse, or fail to adhere to God’s directions, we can be allowed to have a disapproved or reprobate mind! Romans 1:28  

Everyone thinks God is all good and wont do us harm, but in our disobedience there is a chastisement that comes in Love! We can be turned over to a deceiving life when we reject what is the truth!

We have all been to that place  in our minds where everyone else is wrong and we “think” we are all right! I know I’m not the only one who has been to that place where I feel my way is the way!

We get to a place where what’s right is wrong, and what’s my wrong is right!

Let us not forget that before we come/came to God you were living in only your own thoughts with no direction! You refused before, and if your relationship isn’t strong you can refuse again because your mindset is off!

We can be deceived to a place in our mind that everything is right!

Truth won’t have convictions that are stronger than pride! If we get to a place where the truth is not evident in our relationship, and we look to ourselves for the truth we will fall to our selfish pride to get things our way!

Truth won’t have convictions that are stronger than fleshly desires!

Our fleshly desires will not be deterred if our relationship is not strong! We will have a stronger relationship with the flesh!  We deal with the flesh daily and make a choice. Is it my desire? Can my heart be pure and my mind contrary to what I know.?

Truth won’t have convictions that are stronger than attitudes and habits! Attitudes must be broken, or the shackles of how we feel will keep us in the state we choose to live in!

Prayer plus faith equals the power of the words I allow to hear from God! I must believe according to the will of God! If I allow God in my life, I allow Him to work through my circumstances, issues, problems, and answers.

I get direction, knowledge, and understanding.

Phil 4:13 states “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

That is a powerful statement! If we believe in Him we can empower those words to move us in our lives!

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