Building a Relationship with God pt.IV

When we are sincere in prayer and rightly divide the truth, we learn to take God’s relationship at face value! You cannot add, subtract, water down or spin the truth as you see fit to keep you happy!

But how can we walk with God except we agree with Him? Amos 3:3

If you have ever been in a relationship and realized that you are always arguing it is because you don’t agree. When you agree things can get done, conversations are great, because there is never a problem with being on the wrong page.

When we agree we are walking together without conflict and in harmony. When we are in agreement we have admitted the fact that we agree and are walking on one accord! If we are being agreeable to God we are willing and ready to consent, and conform to His words!

Who would not love to have a relationship where there are no squabbles or fallacies seen? In our relationship with God as it grows we learn to not agree with what we know, but walk in agreement with the knowledge and understanding we receive when we stay in communication!

We must have the continual communication of prayer, and the patience to listen for the answer.

Sometimes the answer is yes, no, or not now!

A majority of the time we don’t like the answer we get. Once we stop agreeing with God, problems start!

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