I am too tired to express the way I feel; tired of the critics telling me God aint real!

I’m tired of walking in  the mob because my way doesn’t work. Working a 9-5 that’s hard and keeps me from church. keeps me from Bible Study. Keeps me from you. Hell it leaves me stranded every time life is through.

Life is through with me after I get used. Use to doing the same things over and over.  No copy, no paste, no glue. I’m never pleased with my results because that is what society trained me to do.

Well forget that, I’m ready for my breakthrough!

I’m ready to blow.  Ready to praise  God so all His blessings will flow!   Through my heart I will show the world that we have been dormant in disobedience for too long. We are few in numbers but day by day we get stronger and grow. We need sleep, rest from society and rest to let God weep. Let his tears of mercy and grace save this God-forsaken place!

In our walk we must trust him to save our faith. Let Him take care of our earthly dwelling place.  Take his time to Superman the world and save the human’s in this race of life.

Sleep is an act of faith, we must trust God to take care of everything and keep it in it’s place.  Keep me and you, your momma and your cousin to focus on God’s face too. Even when we are not in control we must realize we need that sleep because we are not awake, and we have slept on God so he can clean up our faith too!

Copyright © 2010 Flashlight in the Daytime

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