My inspiration is filled with the nourishment of the testimony that fills me to the brim of anticipation with an aroma of the essence of unspoken words. No stench of lies, witty words, or false advertisement of other people’s eyewitness. Their alibi.

I am warm to the touch of my heart; it flutters with the thanks of a million voices that led to my triumphant jump start. Those voices resonate to help me hear the one voice that had slipped my aural epiphany until I allowed Him into my arc. You prayed for me, stood next to me, went with out judgment against me yet I have been guilty.

I won’t claim to be a saint. I am a humble man of 28 years old. An old soul with a childlike faith. I am saved by mercy and grace, and have come to the conclusion that through my words, I will gain what was lost when my mind spoke but my heart was never heard.  Always a modest voice I am learning to speak up if I want God to be heard. I am mute by nature. Trained to keep quiet, but with the world I stood loudly with. I had no clear path of appreciation of life. Only a path of clear and present danger.

Todd Alexander Covington is an eloquent man. With hopes and dreams made with God’s blessings that keep his hope a float in the faith and flood of ideas that I inhale, but exhale the your ideas that I see through. God’s safety orange preserves my life in His own words in us and helps the believer see without feelings. Feel without seeing, and testifying without fear of judge or jury.

My heart has come to life because someone prayed for me and my vision was in tuned with their hearts desire. You wanted to save my soul, so the void left by despair and disappointment was filled with the pouring out a foundation of constructed goals!

So many people in my life I wish to thank. My mother and others saved my life by praying for me! The knowledge of God was always indwelling in me, I didn’t believe so what was there was not apparent to me.

I am in no way a perfect reflection of what God has asked me to be. You see I am a work in progress; my consistency in this relationship is my downfall!

The wrongs I have played with in life have molded and shaped the thoughts of every word that made me blind. Let’s rewind. I have shut off the flashlight of selfishness, and let God shine His mercy and grace on my face so you can transparently see who I am, and what is inside me!

God let go of my mute button to let my opus in testimony witness the volumes of love I have for others incrementally in doctor prescribed doses of cc’s. People have intricately placed hints of greatness inside me that I am unwrapping as a present to you in the words you have read and will see.

For those who knew me, I am not the same. For those who know me I have been changed. One thing is certain and will remain I love God enough to take his words a face value. In my search for real love I found God, and in turn He helped me discover the love in me.

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3 thoughts on “Testify…

  1. Joi says:

    My man! That was beautiful. You have an incredible gift. I am so honored to have known you once upon a time.

  2. grace says:

    This is a blessing! Speaks universally in the supernatural and natural world. May the Lord’s hand continue to rest upon you and your family.

    Be a blessing because you are already blessed!

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