Truth Hearse

Truth is I want to trust you but I can’t trust me!The lies I tell myself undress the same things I bless. I’m always fussing at you because I can’t come to grips with the truth I want to get off my chest.

We regress.

The stress I put upon myself I transfer upon a pedestal for you to view. Yet behind you I’m ahead of me, because I put all my trust in you who can fail. I can’t hail you chief commander when I can’t command my own sail.

My thoughts stray to those cats that always meow me to tell my truth. If  you picked up my book and took a keen eye to how I look the cover would read autobiography, but the pages would read fiction.

I speak and talk in my diction, but inside I am a mess, pure fiction.

Truth is I can’t trust you because I don’t trust me.

For so long have I  been lying to myself. I can’t see what’s right because I have become the life of what’s wrong. I want to control the cadence, but I realize I cant ruin your our song.

I sing a sad song to get you to join in the pity sing-a-long that makes me look like a hero while you look just plain wrong. I want to be so right I will lie to myself to prove you wrong.

Truth is I can’t hold on to you with a false grip and slippery palms.  You’ve read my palm, you know me, but I have construed the evidence of what’s right, with evidence of your wrongs.

I can no longer play you with my truthful lie. At this time I am so transparent it’s clear you got tired of reading fiction.

Truth is until I trust me I will be without me. Honestly you will remove yourself from my views…


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