I Would…

I’d die for you. Do life twice times to prove how much I adore you!

I’d fall for you. On my knees I’d pray so long my knees would turnĀ  black and blue.

I’d stare into God’s eyes until the reflection was you.

I’d paint my eyelids with your palate of life so I could never sleepĀ on the hues God used.

I’d breathe my last breath for you. HallucinateĀ to the sight of light at the end the tunnel that is you.

I’d rewind myĀ prayers twice just to embrace the beauty that resides in you.

I’d lay to rest in your daydreams just to escape my night’s view.

I’d evenĀ come back from death to learn how to treat you right too!

Truth is I’d rather liveĀ without air than die without you!

I’d suffocate in my thoughts Ā just to takeĀ a picture of us.

A picture of your hearts view. A portrait of me and you!


Adam and Eve

We broke so many times we became the image of broken lies. We put them together to piece together their truth that was found in the truth.

We scoured the earth, the different terrains of our beautiful minds.

We lay on the ground. Blinded listening to the lustful lies of an uninhibited wish. Trying to piece together the peace we had in an untainted mind. We rewound the hands of time to see the facade of emotions when they didnā€™t blind.

We awoke to be fooled by good looks and how things would sparkle when light hit our mentality. The harsh reality is weĀ areĀ doomed when we entertain beautiful lies.

If you are asleep on Him did you lie in bed of another truth only to have a nightmare of their authentic lies?

Wake up!

Open your eyes!

Enjoy the son’s shine!

Poetic Justice

Tired of Time

I took the hands on the clock and choked the ticktockĀ out of fear and led Love on the trip of a timeless era. Not yesterday or tomorrow a sincere view of a genuine time!

I got hurt when I ran past Love, Ā it had just reached its prime.

I made Love to emotions, and lied in a bed of lust and ego. My selfish games, I never got to move, I lied so much my thoughts were always on the clock. With the batteries I never moved, Im ticked off I wasted the truth’s time!

Poetic Justice

Hope Floats

How do you spell lie?

Is it spelled with one eye open? Or two eyes blind?

Led into an abyss of darkness where there was no air supply. Ā Where can I find the breath of life?

I left my eyes shut because in Love you said you would give sight to the blind!

The life was taken right out of the love when the tears of fear took my Love afloat and I could only visualize your lies.

You probably think I wasted my air supply?

Please I held my breath to get away from the stench of their truth. I knew I should listen to God, he always has my mind right, and never get left in a sea full of lies!