Hopeless Romantic

With the scene dimmed low and the rain dancing against the window’s pane, I bask in the glow against my body that fills me with serene feelings of everlasting bliss, I finally can reach out to call your name… Love!

A kiss of the sublime!

As we lay we play the role’s of Love’s emotions. A concoction of exotic expression over the melodies and harmonies of breathes of effervescence. We taste the air of Love we have never seen. Pause.

The flavor of our imagination provides the information that graces the creation that God blessed on Earth that resonates in our relation (ship)!

We flow like rivers and lakes, streams and oceans. The vastness of how our love will forever flow in the speed of passion or  the grace slow motion. Our lives travel from the current to the wake of emotions that leave us blind to the facts of life.

Your earth toned skin, your supply body that rides the river of this moment will cause us to flow throughout life, only to be gone with the wind. I feel your moist skin as we tread through the rough waters to reach the tranquil deepness and drown in our own wet dream!

We create a new flavor of Love.

The stars of life boundless. troke’s of love. A water color painting to be revered. The chaos in an artistic interpretation that graces the canvas of heavenly hopes. We are joined together to create the most ultimate…


One thought on “Hopeless Romantic

  1. together words create the ultimate space to explore the possibilities that this just piece just left me hanging at. I was so consumed in the beauty of a “helpless romantic”, that I got mad when it just ended at its unique spot, thanks for leaving me gasping for more air …the pause of sound in ya words left me vexed in thought, as the canvas contained of ya words are left undone in my psyche….so thank you for leaving snapses in my brain to ever formulate new sounds and images of a Helpless Romantic…ase’ my brutha you’ve done it again…..applause!

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