Lovely Standards (Definition of Sexy)

They say I see you as the object of erection!

The one that makes me stand at attention when you come towards my direction. I see your beautiful hair. I stare into the imagination of the way you did your hair.I flow to the waves you send my direction as my heart’s hand stood at attention and shook (hello)

You took your time to look flawless!

You knew I would stare. Off into space. The silence of that place took the pace of my stance and hung me out to dry. You think I see what you are wearing? (NO!) I am not worried about that! I’m staring into the fascination of your attention to detail that reached into the domain of my Internet of thoughts society tried to create for me.

My momma and them told me what a sexy woman should be. After I met your body I saw the reality of the inner you that resonated and reached me. I didn’t need to see how long it took you to play that song that society made you listen to that was dead wrong. Girl you were sexy before I met God and he paved the way to you!

You already knew,  but everyone around you tried to sing you another song, and you listened too. But check it, whatever curves you have are the ones I listen to. The floetry of your hair, the way you speak to me that curls my thoughts in my Adidas shell toes can only be done in the mind space I allow you to travel.

I don’t care about how the media sees you.  I need you to spiritually reach me in the obesity of the God you see in your heart that you see in me, boo!

I don’t care what they say, your sexy because you are safe and secure in knowing that you can complete me, and that I am a complement to your sexy!  Turn me out with the turnstile of emotions, the thoughts of speaking my mind even though I get images of naked woman, and talk of if she is a dime, or is she fine?

Woman you are the epitome of the soft-spoken, you play the back so I can reach you after sifting through all the lies and commotion. Woman I am telling you image isn’t everything! What I see in you is your sexy is you being beautiful. Knowing that you feel beautiful (sexy) when you are without me, knowing that your sexiness is internal and you never doubt what the inner you can see.


8 thoughts on “Lovely Standards (Definition of Sexy)

  1. Owww! You know just what a lady needs to read (hear)…the truth! Awesomeness! I was hanging on every word. You are a true Leo! I swear I can hear his voice as I read your words. That’s deep…

  2. umm…whew! wow….seriously…I am not a surface writer or thinker…and you have writien a masterpiece of mental stimulation that is… Divinely Inspired….beautiful, refreshing, healing, artistic, full of imagery and a mastery of word and thought…ok! I’m an editor/writer, ..and I’m already sounding like I’m writing a review on your piece!…;-) But, last thought. I’m turned on…it was good! 😉

  3. IvyLaArtista says:

    I say, without reservation, that you have created art with your words. The depth of meaning and intensity of emotions is incredible. What lady would not want to be the muse of such affection? Congrats on a job well done.

  4. beeflyme says:

    well sir, i don’t quite kno where to start…so much comes to mind…evolution of a human being (yourself) and perfection of a craft are the first things i think of when i read your work…extraordinary is another…i can’t wait to read more :o)

    • I am truly blessed by your comments! I am nowhere near perfection. I know I am closer to what God is asking of me. I want to be authentic in my words and truthful in my feelings. Thank you for your continued support!

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