I Would…

I’d die for you. Do life twice times to prove how much I adore you!

I’d fall for you. On my knees I’d pray so long my knees would turn¬† black and blue.

I’d stare into God’s eyes until the reflection was you.

I’d paint my eyelids with your palate of life so I could never sleep¬†on the hues you use.

I’d breathe my last breath for you. Hallucinate¬†to the sight of light at the end the tunnel that is you.

I’d rewind my¬†prayers twice just to embrace the beauty that resides in you.

I’d lay to rest in your daydreams just to escape my night’s view.

I’d even¬†come back and learn how to treat you right too!

Truth is I’d rather live¬†without air than die without you!

I’d suffocate in my thoughts ¬†just to take¬†a picture of us.

A picture of your hearts view. A portrait of me and you!


A Different World

Mind blown, you obliged!

Legs shook, hearts cried.

Hearts raced, Tortoise pace.

Took hours. Paced race.

Time to, learn grace.

Motion erased, past ill’s, lost face’s.

Love reached. Heavenly bodies, released fears.

I touched.

Your heart.

God whispered, Love’s hear!

Can you, understand Love?

Doesn’t knock. Whispers please, pretty please, come here.

Open arms, release fears.

These tears, wash away, hurtful years.