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Love of “MY” Life

The Love of life will be in the presence of the Love of “MY” life. The walk I take through strife will help me appreciate the Love where I find my wife. Continue reading

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I stand-alone. Quiet stage. Empty room filled my tombs and catacombs of cataloged thoughts in my mind. I stand…alone. Continue reading

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I Would…

I’d die for you. Do life twice times to prove how much I adore you!

I’d fall for you. On my knees I’d pray so long my knees would turn  black and blue.

I’d stare into God’s eyes until the reflection was you.

I’d paint my eyelids with your palate of life so I could never sleep on the hues you use.

I’d breathe my last breath for you. Hallucinate to the sight of light at the end the tunnel that is you.

I’d rewind my prayers twice just to embrace the beauty that resides in you.

I’d lay to rest in your daydreams just to escape my night’s view.

I’d even come back and learn how to treat you right too!

Truth is I’d rather live without air than die without you!

I’d suffocate in my thoughts  just to take a picture of us.

A picture of your hearts view. A portrait of me and you!

Outside the Box

Sometimes when you think outside the box the people inside the box of life don’t want to entertain what you have to say. Continue reading


A Different World

Mind blown, you obliged!

Legs shook, hearts cried.

Hearts raced, Tortoise pace.

Took hours. Paced race.

Time to, learn grace.

Motion erased, past ill’s, lost face’s.

Love reached. Heavenly bodies, released fears.

I touched.

Your heart.

God whispered, Love’s hear!

Can you, understand Love?

Doesn’t knock. Whispers please, pretty please, come here.

Open arms, release fears.

These tears, wash away, hurtful years.

Underage Thinking

Tears flowed.

From bruised,

Lips quivered.

Hips moved.

Guy stared.

Emotions moved.

She’s 16!

Who knew!

I.D. check?

You knew!

Broken rules!

9 months.

Girl no…

2 soon!

I Wish

I wish I could change. I wish I could change. I wish I would stop claiming
the same ol pain. Continue reading

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Pain Is

Pain Is, heart loss, massive stroke, pulse lost.

You lost.

I lost.

We lost.

Time lost.

We’re lost.

I healed.

We died.

I sobbed, swollen eyes, closed cases.

I miss, your kiss. Our bliss, changing faces.

It is, too much. I paid, with Love.

Love’s death, priceless loss…

God I Want To Be Real

God I need you! I’m calling out to you because I left you. I need your help to make me real. I don’t want to be a figment of my emotions. I just want to be in your arms, and feel how it feels to be real. I want to be anointed by your Love and spread your reality from within me. Continue reading

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Unbind the Frustration!

When God promotes you, you are EXALTED! Temptation will come, ridicule will come, criticism will come, but you are better equipped to stave off elimination from grace.

Don’t be bound to lose yourself, be loose to circulate the good news you have been given! Experience with God will loose you from temptation, anxiety, mistreatment and fiery circumstances!

@ the end of the day God will always show up to the scene of your troubles and tribulations. When He does what He is capable of, He expects us to show out when we triumph!

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