I Wish

I wish I could change. I wish I could change. I wish I would stop claiming
the same ol pain. I wish I could be who you want me to be. I already Love like you want me to love, yet you still never hear my heart sing!

I wish I could stop being a stagnant me. I wish could see and stop being
blind to my aspirations and dreams. I wish I would stop letting others bruise my mind.

God I just want to be who you asked me to be. I have you on mute so I listen to my minds TV.  I listen to you. Yes, I listened to me. I listened to  everyone that had an opnion, but God I usually didn’t see you in the scene. I wished you could show me what they wanted from me.

At that time I was sleep and now I awake to newer dreams. I wish I would
choose to value my blues, to learn lessons in life when the light is
turned off and the end of the tunnel is you with high beams focused on what you have in store for me.

Oh, I wish,  I wish thoughts weren’t complicated. God I’m so complicated. Simplify my complication!

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2 thoughts on “I Wish

  1. JS says:

    Very heart felt. Thanks for sharing.

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