Outside the Box

Sometimes when you think outside the box the people inside the box of life don’t want to entertain what you have to say.

Well I agree with you, what I say is not for your entertainment it is to get your mind to wake up and seek, your heart in a way you never thought about before.

What is outside the box used to be inside the box but we become to sufficient on running our lives on E instead of having an indwelling testimony of having everything we need when others tell us we have nothing.

When you have something so awesome in your life that you don’t need back-up to fulfill your hearts desire, you never have to back up to see if you missed anything.

God is always able to see what was behind you, but is in front of your means. You may not have that job today, but its in the works. You just have to believe. Knowing in your heart that you are living according to what you have read, will not have you read into another person’s dreams. You wont watch their ascension, while you are looking at the toil, and dust kicked up from their making chess moves to checkmate the scene.

We are all in the same box yet and still most of us want to live outside of ourselves. Like moths to a flame we all attract the same ills of life yet we still yearn for the flame. Yearn to let our problems burn inside to bury us alive in a lie of what we can’t be. Come join me, God gets the praise and the Victory!

Copyright © 2010 Flashlight in the Daytime


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