I stand-alone. Quiet stage. Empty room filled my tombs and catacombs of cataloged thoughts in my mind. I stand…alone.I am the authenticity of this masterpiece, but I choose the sound waves I hear in my mind. I stand-alone so I can sit with my Master and lay to rest. He is my benefactor.

As I recite this piece, my mind writes in peace that I only see peace while I lie still from the screams and encores. I listen to the silence that speaks to my heart and escapes my mind.

When I’m alone you hear my heart because the volume of the beat vibrates the eardrum of your mind.

I’m meditating in the silence of a brainstorm!

I lay in God’s peace for my mind.  I say good-bye to you and say hello to the serene elements of chemical bonds that connect me to Him and allow me to lose my mind.

I break the bonds of what binds me to the chemical reactions of my mind only to enter the cold reaction set in stone that encased the nitrogen based fears of others’ thoughts planted as weeds among my growing seeds.

My heartwarming thoughts bring sunlight to me. I escape the cold world I habitually disappear from. I know its left in the wake because my heart travels and I rarely look to make the same mistake twice.

My mind is a terrible thing to waste when I’m stuck worrying about what you think of my mind. I’m constantly fighting for tranquility while you judge who I am.

Check my transparency!

I stand-alone in my ambitions alone so I can dream alone. When your hope is lost all hope in my heart is far from gone. I don’t require outside approval to allow my prayers to move by Faith. I allow God to move the blinders over my naked eyes.

Today I live reality. Yesterday was a lesson I had to learn before I could move forward in God’s time.

He is pleased when I stay home. God thank you for being apart of my mind.

God is in me.

Why should I let anyone take my sight off His vision? It’s God’s divine preparation for my purpose?

I stay alone until I free my mind, alone. The white noise that steals the silence of darkness, brings light know I cannot do it all on my own.

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5 thoughts on “Alone

  1. Destiny says:

    Wow, I love it! Speechless……

  2. Dope, realization, insightful, humble…Thanks to @MyLifeKeys I came across this piece from twitter. Keep writing and you will continue to heal and inspire. -Lola B.

  3. JadaRae says:


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