Love of “MY” Life

The Love of life will be in the presence of the Love of “MY” life. The walk I take through strife will help me appreciate the Love where I find my wife.

She will be the epitome of virtue and the dichotomy of her compassion will fuel each of our lives. I pray I can be her equal once God pronounces us husband and wife.

Long before I meet her she is already my life.

She is prepared like a fine wine aged in the lessons of time. Her beauty is a delicacy. Queen you are the epiphany of the finer things never seen before in “my” life.

I will Love you to death, but enjoy your warmth in “my” life.

When death comes to knock on our door we don’t have to fear the darkness, with God we always stood in His light! We grew up with each other so we could bear the distance death could bring into our eternal life!

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6 thoughts on “Love of “MY” Life

  1. JadaRae says:

    This is absolutely beautiful.

  2. BlaxxMajic says:

    Very nice piece….”Her beauty is a delicacy.”
    what God truly joins together, we understand HIS love for us
    through each other because we’re looking at one another from God’s perspective and not our own…loving the wordplay sir!

  3. dollydagg says:

    Hopefully your wife will enter not just your life but, your heart as well very nicely done ! Think about it always and say it out loud it will happen

  4. Sean Anthony says:

    Poetically sound. Nice rhythm. Good flow. Keep it up!

  5. RIGAROUS says:

    I love this…very insightful…especially the part about not being afraid of the darkness because of continually standing in God’s light 🙂 Bless and keep blessing the world with your inspiration.

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