Thirst for Love

God you have always filled me. Without you I’m thirsty. I’m praying to for you to fill my empty heart. My heart is thirsty for the knowledge of Love and forgiveness you’ve given me. I’m salty without the taste of  nourishing waters that leave my tongue in awe of the words you speak to me.

The craving you leave, leaves me silent in the desires of the notions of appreciation I have filled up for you in my heart. I never go without Love when I listen to the showers of Love that reign grace and mercy from your heart.

I can breathe in still waters knowing the oxygen of Love is implanted in the h20 of the chemical bond.  You held me when I came to you in the dark. You lit the path that ignited the spark of the flame of Love that quenched the soul of a lost heart.


One thought on “Thirst for Love

  1. JadaRae says:

    Wow… Just wow. In a good way… LOL

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