reach, teach

You left when you stayed on my mind. I could reach you, but I wanted to teach you how to Love me by learning to Love you. I will touch you telekinetically, while reaching the verbs of your heart by speaking silence in whispers of epiphanies. My hearts symphony will always hit the notes of a two-part harmony.

You see God is in me so I play the notes He fulfilled on the pages of lost chapters of my hearts plea. See my mind got in the way when I tried to convince and convey my feelings for you. I played the fool by trying to be a man advertised but not being true to the God you viewed from within you.

You already saw the man I was before I saw you. God was already in your heart, I should have noticed I was already in Love with you. No need to start over, take two, action…


2 thoughts on “reach, teach

  1. js says:

    Simply amazing

  2. JadaRae says:


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