Don’t Be Fooled!

Why do we always have a reason to why we feel the way we feel when obstacles come our way?Past experiences hold us. Past failures grade our learning Hurt, pride, selfishness play a role in where we feel we should be today. God already knows who, and where we will be.

What do we choose?

We often trust in the truth of words people speak into our heart. It’s no secret what they spoke into our minds, but what did our hearts receive? What did we hear?

What did we expect? Did we expect them to resonate with the weaknesses, or speak to what we wanted to hear, our strengths?

Sometimes we think the people close to us have the answers. The friends we have in our interactions know better then we do. Often we hold more of a value on what we hear then what we have experienced.

What have you experienced?

We have the will. We have the ways to come to conscience decisions, but we fall short when we fear the obstacle before us is too big! It “looks” too hard, to difficult. It’s not right. God this is not my way. It’s not the right way. I planned this out to the last letter and still it looks nothing like I asked for!

I prayed for it to be another way!

When we need to go where we need to be the stone thrown should not deter us in our way. The stone blocking our blessing should not have us look back, but we should look forward to searching God and ourselves for a better way!

The stone could be a broken promise we made to our self. We can be stuck in a rut of disappointment of an appointed time. A feeling, a person, a place, a thing. Someone that does not see eye to eye with our thoughts. As imperfect people we sometimes dream the perfected plan that in all honesty has flaws in its creation. We cannot create perfect plans.

While we are in our journey to get closer to God to see his vision we sometimes envision a perfect that we can create on our own. Do not let the stones fool you! Every obstacle is a lesson to move by faith, or move by the substance of faith that is unseen.

Reflect back to those times when you didn’t know where the next was coming from. Look back to a time when something in your life was out of order and the more you tried the more it seemed you got away from yourself. The further you got away from “it”

Blessings can be put on hold. Hope can be put on hold, but remember the things that you fail at can be a place of development if you let them grow you.

Whatever didn’t kill you yesterday freed up today to be that positive change you desire in your heart. If yesterday didn’t kill you today is the day you learn from your brush with near death!

Today we grow to be what we need to be today. Embrace the warmth of your heart and allow it to grow into the thoughts of your mind that will paint the essence of joy!

Remember while you are on your way God is working out His way!


One thought on “Don’t Be Fooled!

  1. js says:

    This is so true and I needed to hear these words today. God knows what to place in ur heart at the right moments.

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