Funeral to Fear

The grave danger of staring our past in the face is that we get caught in the procession of the funeral of our spirit. We look down on the things we do because we cannot see the good in ourselves. People, places, events, and things put us in the perspective that we cannot overcome the one thing that is constantly changing.


There is an appointed time to mourn your losses. We need to honest and real with ourselves and admit that we fail at times. Not to justify that we are imperfect, but to be upfront and vocal with who we are and be accountable for where we need to go.

God can lead us in the right direction, but we have to choose to make a stand.

At the funeral of the negativity worry, past, present, issues, worry, and complaints cannot allow us to have a pity party. A funeral of negativity should be met with the joy and admiration of a time of change.

“We are going to bury the things in our lives that hold us down so we can live above them.”

The past needs a funeral!

The past needs a proper send off into the oblivion of forever. If we truly Love ourselves we need to grow in Love and forgive what has and will happen by letting go. When we cry we should be crying tears of joy that we have overcome. Cry and thank God that those things that brought destruction, depression, and heartache to us are now leaving us.

Sometimes we get caught up in life that we forget that we often have the might and the muscle to move the mountains in our life.

Stop looking to see what size the issues is!

Stop seeing something as too much, too small, too wide, and not enough. Put your pride down and allow God to move in your life.

God can move anything you give Him the opportunity to intervene on. The answer will not always be on your time, or what you want to hear, but it will be on time!

“Do not let your personal plans deter God’s perfect plan and preparation for your life.”

Drowning in your sorrows only allows you to forget who can save you! God can and will bring you to safety!

If you allow God to hold you and carry you in his arms through the storms, rough times, and darkness he will always hold you above water and carry you on your faith.

When you allow God to hold you He will always carry you above the murky dark waters that precluded to drown your spirit!

God will always rise to your occasion!


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