Are you Reaching?

What is your dream? Do you “cultivate” the reality of allowing your desires to come true? Are you faithful despite what might come to stop your burning desires? Do you accept that you may need help in making that shinning moment happen?

We all have dreams and aspirations of the things we want for ourselves, loved ones, children, co workers, and people we come in contact with on a daily basis. Wanting the best for others is often a reflection of the attributes and desires we have for ourselves. Looking at others helps us manifest the things we see deeply in ourselves that do not surface out times because of the fear of not accomplishing, or having the means, power, or effort to meet our goals.

When we have a dream we have to cultivate the companionship of other people who dream as well. It goes to show you, when you are in the midst of other people who dream, it rubs off an aura of pushing you to be better within yourself.

Build relationships with other people who have dreams, who will strengthen your faith in the unknown and help shape you into the right person.

We always hear the phrase “iron sharpens iron” Truth is people can sharpen other people when their heart shows from their actions and words!

Secondly, when we dream we cannot remember failed attempts at our desires in a negative light. Looking to the past with a sullen heart only leads to the disappointment of now!

Be forgetful and be fruitful!

If we want to be free of affliction of the past we must have a willingness to do something new, not TRY something new, but DO something new will allow God to open doors to the future He has already planned.

To go forward in life we need to leave those things behind that hinder our dreams, and reach forward to those things God has “in store” and will provision in the “times” ahead!

If you are to “forget” and “reach” we must do them in order. Forget and then you can reach!  I am learning when I choose to get over those things that are old, I relive them in a new light with the same darkness above them.

What I refuse to get over, I choose to live under!

Some days I get dragged down like a ball and chain with things I haven’t let go of, and they prolong the dreams and desires I have in my heart. I cut the umbilical cord of the nourishing promises God has for me, and I cannot listen to what He has to tell me because I cut my connection from Him.

But Todd I have tried to forget and I can’t!

Believe you me I have been there, I am there, and I will continue to be there until I allow God to help me!

God always has a plan for us, even when it seems that are dream is not everyone around us reality! It’s not for them to understand! It’s between you and God! People who dream, and do not live on what they see will be able to understand you.

God can cause us to be fruitful! When God causes you to be, do, and live through anything He helps you get over it and move on!


Don’t get it twisted that you won’t recall a bad event, circumstance, person, place, conversation, word you heard, etc. Remember we can recall times past, but with God leading the way we will not WANT to recall it!

We have the ability to reframe our defeats. The chance to reshape and mold our attitudes into great wisdom, and become successful at channeling the past and turning the channel into re-runs of evaluated experience and learn to dream past, and view lessons presented by the past!

Stand to dream!


2 thoughts on “Are you Reaching?

  1. JadaRae says:

    So very true!

  2. Shannon says:

    Wow. I just posted something along these lines today. It’s definitely important to have people around you that are reaching for their dreams. it motivates you and makes the experience seem less lonely. Sometimes stepping out on faith (a whole heap of it) is difficult. Just knowing that other people get it makes it that less scary.

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